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About Us

Our Future Footprint is a lifestyle brand with a green goal. Our mission is to create comfortable and stylish clothing while helping the environment by using organic, environment-friendly and sustainable fabrics. We donate portion of our profit to education and conservation efforts. For every shirt or jeans you buy, you helping preserve this planet we love for the future generations.

"We have only one life and one planet. We want to make the most of it by bridging comfortable lifestyle and helping the environment.
That's our passion, that's how we live."

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to create comfortable and stylish clothing while helping the environment by using organic, environment-friendly and sustainable fabrics. 

Our initial milestone is we will raise $50,000. Our Future Footprint will then be plant approximately 5,000 trees in the ground. By planting 5,000 trees, we will be able to absorb over 160,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, and produce over 800,000 pounds of oxygen each year. Over the trees's lifetime, we can absorb 6.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide and produce 32 million pounds of oxygen.

It's just the beginning of Our Future Footprint. We will then expand our business to include different types of apparel, more designs, and eventually buying materials to produce apparel ourselves, in the United States. The more we raise, the more we donate to conservation and education initiatives. The more shirts that are purchased, the more trees that are planted.

Our Guarantee

Our Future Footprint apparel use only sustainable materials, including bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton. They are responsibly made by a carbon-neutral manufacturer. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on our shirts; if it isn’t the most comfortable shirt you’ve worn, or you want to return it for any reason, you can send it right back.

In addition to these cool, comfortable products, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are planting trees, that a part of your donation is going to conservation initiatives, and part of your donation is going to education initiatives. By backing Our Future Footprint, you are giving water and sunshine to a small seedling of a company that hopes to grow into a forest.

How we give back

Each item that you buy from Our Future Footprint will plant three trees. We will also donate 3% to conservation initiatives and 3% to education initiatives.

Preservation: Our Future Footprint has teamed up with OneTreePlanted to turn our carbon-neutral apparel into a carbon-reduction movement. For every t-shirt that you purchase with Our Future Footprint, we will plant three trees. 

Conservation: The Earth is beautiful as it is...let's keep it that way. Our Future Footprint is dedicating 3% of top-line revenue to conservation initiatives. 

Education: We want a greener Earth to pass on to our children, but the work doesn't stop with us. Education is key for keeping our Earth alive for many generations to come. Our Future Footprint will also donate 3% of top-line revenue to education initiatives; the reality of climate change, and what we can do to keep our planet healthy, will be passed on to our neighbors, friends, and children.

The products that you have are phenomenal! When I wear them, not only I feel comfy but also I have that peace of mind knowing that what I wear does not hurt this planet that I love. Thanks Our Future Footprint! - Celine

Christian Okonsky


Mark Adams